About us

Happy to see you here:)
We equip buildings, monuments and significant places of the city with interactive QR codes with voice messages and brief information about their history.

Our team

Tigran Akopian
Evgeny Safronov
Lilia Brusnik

Our partners

Many thanks to

Leskin Y.Y. – head of Rostov region youth policy cometee

Nikitochkin A.S. – deputy head of Rostov region youth policy cometee

Gosteva V. – head of coordination department (project office)

Kojin A.O. – head of Rostov regional department of All-Russian historical and cultural monuments protection society

Pilyavskaya Y.M. – head of Rostov-on-Don cultural department

Krasnikova E.A. – сhief specialist of developing industry infrastructure of Rostov-on-Don cultural department

Belash D.A. – head of youth policy directions department of Rostov region youth policy cometee

Bugaev A.V. – head of the Federal Agency for Youth Affairs

Esaulova A.V. – сhief specialist of state autonomous institution of the Rostov region "Donskoy volunteer center"

Baranova A.V. – press secretary of Rostov-on-Don Zoo